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You can Make a Difference — You can Make a Donation!

OK. You've been asked a million times by a million really good causes. Now its FAM's turn. Just take another minute to think about FAM: arts and literacy for people — we think this might just be the ONE for you and if you've read this far on our website we know we have pushed some of your buttons! Now you can push ours!

Every dollar we receive goes directly to the bottom line. We are proud to say that we have no outstanding debts and that we make our dollars go a long way. Our yearly budget is only about $30,000.

We are currently a legal not-for-profit in Ecuador. However we have not achieved not-for- profit status in the United States or any other country. Therefore, those of you donating from other parts of the world are not able to deduct the donation from your taxes.

It is easy to make a donation from wherever you are in the world. Just click on the PayPal button below and we will gratefully accept your donation thru our Paypal account. You may make the payment either by credit card or from your Paypal account.